Students Welfare Schemes

The College has introduced various student welfare schemes for the students, with a specific focus to benefit of the economically and socially backward students. These include the following:

Higher Education for the Persons with Special Needs (HEPSN) :

The College has HEPSN cell to facilitated learning for the visually challenged and dyslexic students. The cell has acquired state-of-the- art equipment to ensure that the learning process becomes more meaningful and enjoyable for such students. The College has developed a team of dedicated volunteers who help such students by way of producing audio recordings, helping as writers, both within and outside our College. The work of this cell has been appreciated by the previous NAAC peer team.

The following committee is constituted for 2016-17 for HEPSN

Shri. Bharat Raut
Dr. S.G. Thakur
Shri. Parag Masram

Remedial Classes:
In today's competitive world, performance in the examinations plays a very crucial role in students' progress later in life. Every department conducts remedial classes with a focus on achieving better results in the examinations. It is noteworthy that depending on the needs of the students, the humanities departments permit students to learn as well as write their examinations in Marathi. This is done to ensure that difficulty in English language does not hinder upward mobility of the students, without creating an independent section for such students, which can lead to a sense of segregation among the student community on the bases of language.

Economically under-privileged students are offered text-books at department level. This has gone a long way in achieving 'Equal Opportunity to All'- one of the Missions of the College. The books are preferably lent to students belonging to SC/ST/VJNT as per the notification received from the University of Mumbai. In 2016, Dr. Khomane is in charge of Book Bank scheme who is aided by Dr.B.P. Kamble, Dr. Rahul Zanan, Smt. Sheetal Panchikar & Smt. Roshni Yeola as members of the committee. The college has spent more than Rs. 37,000 for the purchase of books under the Book-Bank Scheme.

Earn-and Learn:
The College runs "Earn and learn" scheme for students belonging to financially weaker sections. These students help out the college in activities such as library record updating, maintaining records at gymkhana etc. Thus while the College can fill in the manpower gap, the scheme develops self- esteem as well as belongingness among the students. In 2016, Dr. Khomane is in charge Earn & Learn scheme while Shri. Parag Masram and Smt. Sheetal Panchikar are members of the committee.

Students welfare committee and Scholarship &freeship committee of Elphinstone College organised a orientation and introduction session for students on 29/08/2019 regarding various scholarship schemes available for SC/ST/OBC and minorities students by Social welfare department. Respected Principal Dr Madhuri Kagalkar madam addressed the students on the occasion. Dr. B.N. Khomne (Head Department of Marathi) incharge scholarship and freeship committee and Dr. B.P Kamble incharge Students welfare committee oriented the students about the schemes.