First Year Junior College (FYJC-XI) & Second Year Junior College (SYJC-XII) The students will have to study EIGHT SUBJECTS at each class consisting of compulsory and optional subjects.

Compulsory subjects: Subject 1 : English
Subject 2 : Environment Education
Subject 3: Physical Education
Subject 4: Any One of the following languages: (i) Marathi, (ii) Hindi
Choose ANY FOUR of the following Optional subjects: Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology.



The students will have to study SIX SUBJECTS at F.Y.B.A. as under:

  • 1. CC: English- Compulsory
  • 2. SEC: Marathi/Hindi- Any One
  • 3. DSC-1: Sociology/History/English- Any One
  • 4. DSC-2: Political Science/Hindi/Geography- Any One
  • 5. DSC-3: Psychology/Marathi/Economics- Any One
  • 6. AECC: English Communication/ MIL (Modern Indian Language: Hindi/Marathi)/EVS
  • (Note: AECC Eng/Hindi/Marathi in Sem 1 and EVS in Sem 2)
Compulsory subjects: Paper 1 : Foundation Course (Paper-I)
Paper 2 : Communications Skills in English
Paper 3 : Compulsory Language
Choose ANY ONE from the following: (a) Hindi (b) Marathi
Papers 4, 5 & 6 : Ancillary Subjects
Students can choose ANY ONE of the following subject combinations: (i) 3 Social Sciences subjects OR
(ii) 2 Social Sciences subjects and 1 Language OR
(iii) 2 Languages and 1 Social Science subject.

These three subjects must be chosen from the following five groups. DO NOT select more than one subject from each group. These ancillary subjects have to be continued at S.Y.B.A. also.

Group A : Marathi / Psychology / Economics
Group B : Political Science / Mathematics / Hindi
Group C : Statistics / Geography/ English
Group D : Ancient Indian Culture / History/ Sociology

Note : Students choosing, Statistics as an Ancillary subject must necessarily offer Mathematics and Economics as the other options.


The students will have to study SIX SUBJECTS at S.Y.B.A. as under:

  • 1. SEC: Marathi/Hindi/English- Any one
  • 2. GE: Travel and Tourism/General Introduction to Law/Mass Communication- Any one
  • 3. DSC 1 Paper II
  • 4. DSC 1 Paper III
  • 5. DSC 2 Paper II
  • 6. DSC 2 Paper III
  • (For DSC 1 & DSC 2 students can select any two subjects from the three DSC subjects selected at FYBA only)

The students at S.Y.B.A. have in all EIGHT papers as under:
Paper 1 to 6: Two papers each in the three Ancillary subjects opted at F.Y.B.A.
Paper 7 : Foundation Course Paper-II (Science and Scientific Method) (Compulsory) )
Paper 8 :

Applied Component (Compulsory)
Choose any one of the following:
(a) Mass Communication,
(b) Travel & Tourism
(c) General Introduction to Law,
(d) Demography

Full major is offered in all subjects. The student must have studied the DSC subject in SYBA.